Dakarský profil Bára Holická



Barbora Holicka and Lucie Engova will be driving one of the most recognisable cars on the bivouac at Dakar 2024. The Czech duo have decided to make their debut in Dakar Classic, and will be driving a Citroën 2CV that they’ve decked out in a kaleidoscope of fluorescent colours with the help of Czech pop artist Josef Rataj. You won’t be able to miss it. Barbora has been racing in the Czech rally championship for over a decade, but she’s new to rally-raid and admits she never expected to line up on the Dakar. Whereas she has no family background in motorsport, her co-driver Lucie Engova comes from proper racing stock. Her father Bretislav Enge had a long career in touring cars, racing for the BMW factory team throughout the 1980s, and later teamed up with Lucie to compete in the Czech rally championship for historic cars. Meanwhile, her brother Tomas Enge -who completed Dakar 2021 in an SSV- is one of the biggest names in Czech motorsport, and the only driver from his country to have raced in Formula 1. Sadly, the head of the Czech Samurais team, Olga Rouckova, was forced to withdraw from Dakar Classic a few weeks ago because her driver, Ondrej Martinec, had to undergo heart surgery. Barbora and Lucie will therefore be representing the team in their ‚Duck‘ – the Czech nickname for the iconic 2CV. Barbora has always raced in a Citroën, and after flirting with the possibility of entering a ZX Rallye-Raid, she decided to pay tribute to 75 years of 2CV production by prepping one -and in some style- for Dakar Classic. The Czech duo will definitely bring a splash of color to this 46th edition, which could pave the way for an appearance in the main Dakar….