The world-renowned off-road endurance rally will be held from January 6 to 17, 2019 in Peru. The 10-stage race will feature a variety of off-road vehicles in four classes and covers 3,100 miles from start to finish. Rouckova will be one of 17 female competitors in the race made up of a total of 334 racers. Although a traditionally male-oriented event, the 2019 Dakar Rally hit a huge milestone with the most female drivers to date, empowering women around the world to showcase their competitive skills.

It is an honor for PENTHOUSE to represent a female driver who embodies beauty, strength, and determination, and this is a direction the brand is excited to embrace.


For the 2019 event, the Dakar’s traditional set-up has once again been overhauled. Continuing its Peruvian adventure, the Dakar rally is offering a dense set of obstacles and promises to be a new kind of epic! The brave individuals who have already experienced the Peruvian sands have made no mistake, and will once again form the biggest bivouac camp in the world of cross country, near to Pisco and Arequipa in particular. The intense challenge they face will push them to their limits in getting over dunes, navigation and physical strength: in the dunes, one kilometer is equivalent to two or even three kilometer elsewhere.Dakar Official Site

The Interview with our Driver OLGA

Your father was adamant you become an athlete, what attracted you to moto racing over all other sports?

No, not really. Like most small children, I did sports, like running and other things. We never had a car or a motorcycle at home. I was not exposed to those things as a young child. It’s kind of funny now seeing as I am one of the top drivers in the world.

You also do Thai boxing, what do you love about that?

I just love sports, no matter what! I love wild sports. I love working hard for my dreams. The sports I do are not typically feminized athletic adventures. This has always been my motivation. I love sport, i love wild sport, i love hard work for my dream.

What is the most important thing to remember while moto racing?

It’s so hard to pick one important moment about any race, but for me, the most crucial thing is my strong and amazing team. When you have a solid team, you are motivated to win.

Tell me about the first time you drove a car.

The first time I actually rode on the track I crashed and burst into flames. My Can Am Maverick XRS was a real beast and I crashed.

How has the discussion surrounding gender and moto racing changed in the past few years?

I’ve been a successful woman in rally racing for a decade. After so many years in this field, I can say that the rider lifestyle has changed and is still changing. Now is a much better time for women in moto racing and opening up the conversation about gender in sports. Racing is not easy. It takes a tough woman. I would like to show that even women can be successful in this traditionally male discipline. I would love for the Dakar Rally to appeal to a larger audience, more everyday people as well as children. This new generation of racers is growing right now and there are so many girls who could be inspired. Who knows? They could be my future competitors.

Have you ever had some nearly fatal crashes? Tell us about the dangers of this sport.

Anytime you get behind the wheel of a rally car there is the potential for fatal danger. You need 100 percent concentration because there is no time for mistakes. I had an awful crash in Greece. I was going way too fast in my quad. I broke all my ribs. I was in so much pain I could barely lift the phone to call my mother from my hospital bed.

What is your training regimen for the Dakar?

I have to train heavily for the Dakar Rally to keep my rhythm and focus in check. During the week, I do a mix of training at the gym as well as SidexSide (because the gym can get so boring.) I am surrounded by the best racers and fitness coaches in the Czech Republic, so I am very lucky.